FU4J Meeting #2, from left to right: Kalin Callaghan (and her two sons), daughter-in-law of Willie Harper, Danette Chavis, mother of Greg Chavis, Ayejah, wife of Willie Harper, Cynthia Howell (with goddaughter), niece of Alberta Spruill, Debra Schaefer, grandmother of Rebecca Schaefer (daughter of Scott Eriksen), Lisha Garner, sister of Eric Garner, Estevan (supporter of John Collado family), Ang Hicks, aunt of Shantel Davis, Rebecca Schaefer, daughter of Scott Eriksen, Emboya Wordsworth, father of Agabus Wordsworth, Amaryllis Collado, wife of John Collado, Nicholas Hayward, Sr., father of Nicholas Heyward, Jr., Donna Carter, fiancee of Nicholas Heyward, Sr.


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